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Thank you WeEmbrace for giving me and Desi Rhythm a chance to teach dance to  the kids and be a part of their lives. It is the most satisfying feeling!!!

WeEmbrace is doing an amazing job and we totally admire your efforts!!  
#KeepSmilingKeepDancing #WeEmbraceRocks

- Shruti Sethi, Desi Rhythm Dance Instructor, Folsom, CA 

Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to work with weembrace family, gives me immense pleasure. So inspired and motivated by the amazing support system and strength that we embrace as an organization provides to kids and parents. Weembrace conducts interactive workshops ( cooking, arts, crafts , dance, fun and fitness ) and it is so satisfying to see kids enjoying those and feeling proud of their achievements. It’s truly a family and so glad to be part of it!! 

- Sreedharan Family, Gold River, CA 


My 17 year old son with autism has gained a lot of confidence through participation in we embrace activities. He loves participating in the movement class, the bowling nights ,cooking class and the LEGO group among others. As a parent the advice and feedback from other parents in the group has been invaluable.Over a short period of time we embrace has become an important part of our social activities and my son looks forward to each session with much anticipation and eagerness. 

- Parent of a 17 year old son, Elk Grove, CA 

In the year since diagnosis no person or group has provided me more comfort , more strength or more community feeling than We embrace.
Now I know that I can find play dates, art, music and movement classes etc and other opportunities for my atypical child in a comfortable and friendly group setting without worrying if my atypical child would be welcome or not.
It gives me some respite knowing that my child will not be judged in any of the We embrace sessions.Lastly but not the least being part of a group like WeEmbrace  gives me the strength that I am not alone in this long journey and that help is just a text away.

-Parent of a 3 year old  , Rocklin

WeEmbrace is a blessing for many special needs families. It has not only helped special needs families connect with each other but also help the mainstream society an opportunity to understand and offer the support to the special needs community. The volunteers are the backbone of WeEmbrace. Eternally grateful to the volunteers for your time and love for the kids! 

Wishing WeEmbrace all the very best! -Abi, Bhaskar and Shaurya , Folsom, CA 

We are so blessed to be a part of this group !! Every week interactive activities for our kids .. We feel so comfortable that it’s our home away from home :) we were socially isolated for almost years and now we feel we are not alone anymore ! Kids love being around people who embrace and encourage them always ..
Parents also get constant support, information and workshops. Every member is equally valued and invited to give suggestions .  We don’t have more words to express gratitude ! .. More power to Weembrace  !

-Chauhan Family, Folsom 

I have a 7 1/2 year old son with autism . We are yet to start full fledge with all the weembrace programs . However my so far experience with the organization is heartwarming and very pleasant . 

When I reached out to them , they came in person to clear our doubts , to counsel us , to share their experience in this journey and to give us information on all the resources . Basically to help us out in every way . I am in awe about all the programs they conduct like dance &movement, cooking, fun & fitness. These are some of the things my son is missing. I am sure they go a long way in helping our children . They also have workshops to help parents like IEP , health and wellness, meditation . 

What I see is the organization is very committed .  They give regular updates about the programs, remind the parents on the day of events . With the events like ‘ Let’s strike’ bowling sessions , mothers get together and Dads get together , they try to bring the whole community together. 

Personally I feel this is an incredible effort on their part . I am very excited to join their programs .

-Mother of 7 1/2 year old 

Having a son with special needs, one of the major things which we as a family required was the support from the community - somebody to talk to and somebody to get guidance on how to help my son and family. WeEmbrace in the Greater Sacramento region has been a pillar of strength for my son. 

The support system also extended to my daughter, myself and my wife. I can truly say that I am not alone in this journey and any question is just a call away from an answer.

The activities (movement classes, dance, art and lego classes) and workshops induce a sense of togetherness for all the kids, families and the volunteers who help out. Kudos to the volunteers who help out with the kids. My son benefits a lot from interacting with typical kids of his age. This is truly a volunteer driven organization and outpouring which the volunteer community has given to WeEmbrace families has been phenomenal.

We moved to Sacramento region just last year in Aug 2017. WeEmbrace has provided us with the support, strength and guidance on all levels.  It has given me the confidence that our son and my family are not alone and we will get the best possible support.

We EmbraceNonprofit Organization

-Father of 12 year old boy, Folsom, CA 

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