We are 501(c)(3) registered non profit organization. Our  EIN is 82-4279137. Your donation will go towards funding our social interaction activities programs and for all our social events.  for families with children/adults with different abilities. 

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WeEMBRACE is a 501 (c)(3) registered nonprofit support organization ( EIN 82-4279137 ) in california for families with children and adults with special needs. It’s a volunteer driven organization consisting of parents, trained professionals, peer buddies and volunteers.  




WeEMBRACE believes that individuals with disabilities should, to the maximum extent possible, be socially and physically integrated into mainstream society regardless of the degree or type of disability.  

WeEMBRACE mission is to promote opportunities for learning, inclusion, and empowerment for individuals with different abilities, their families, and their communities. WeEMBRACE’s vision is to provide complete family support to children, teens, adults, and seniors with different abilities. 

We embrace all cultures, ages, and disabilities - we want to build a loving and all-inclusive community.  

WeEMBRACE supports families of children/adults with different abilities and provides opportunities for families to network with each other, get knowledgeable with the resources that exist, and connect with the community at large and celebrate diversity .

If you are a parent or a caregiver of a child or adult child with different abilities, please call us at 5103866842 or email us at



Volunteers are the backbone of any organization and programs. When a volunteer is willing and commit their time, it reminds that men or women, young or old are all compassionate, caring and dedicated to make a difference to someone they encounter. If you or your child are looking for a fun and rewarding volunteer experience, you have reached the right place! 

Volunteer Qualification and Opportunities  

To volunteer with us - please call us at 5103866842 or email us at

Anyone 10 years and above with a loving and caring heart!  
WeEMBRACE provides the opportunity for anyone to interact directly with our children/adults with different abilities through our programs. You can make a significant impact in another person’s life through our programs and activities.  

We do issue community service hours if requested!. 

WeEmbrace Journey




Meena Kalyanasundaram , President 

Somasundaram Sundararajan , Secretary

Vijayalakshmi Sriraman ,  Treasurer


Nithyapriya Ramachandran 

Akilakumari Dharmalingam

Sameera Siddiqi



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